Architectural Design Services

Hospital Architectural Designs Planning Layout Management consulting and implementation services for both Greenfield and Brownfield hospital projects

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Service Brief

  • As per Standards
  • Hospital Consultants’ Inputs
  • Medical Facility Planner’s Inputs
  • Based on Best Practices
Hospital Architectural Designs Planning Layout

Hospital Architectural Design

Architects and Hospital consultants has to closely work in bringing out the best designs, keeping functional flow in mind. The overall objective of the designs is to give comfort to the users – patients, doctors with good ambiance in hospitals.

Macula closely works with our associate hospital architectural planning layout firms or with the clients’ architectural team to get the best design out of them. We study the designs and bring in value to offer best space for doctors movement, patient movement. And also keeping all the biomedical equipments in mind while advising on room data sheet.

The most common mistake many clients do is to engage hospital consultants after finalizing the architectural drawings and sometimes after construction of the building. If they have missed on certain statutory norms, then they will be forced to change the designs to get licenses from government agencies.

Hospital Architects…

A good experience in the Hospital industry will expose to the overall functioning of the hospitals. Architects need to think holistically to offer their services that are well appreciated by the healthcare providers and users.

The documents – functional program & space program is the key inputs for the architectural designs. Though the hospital consultants role is very minimal, we still engage to be part of the design services. We make sure all the details mentioned in the input documents are incorporated.


Do you have in-house architects?

Ours is a lean company and we work in partnerships for few of the assignments. Apart from Management consulting assignments, we have collaborated with top architects in Hospital sector.

We do not have in-house hospital architects, but we have the best of them through our association.

Are there any criteria for you to associate with the architects?

We tie up with the firms or individual architects who has good experience in Hospital designs and has executed at least 2 big hospital project. This is because, they should be able to understand what we try explain on the domain part. This will save lot of time during knowledge transfer.

What can be the total duration to complete this assignment?

It all depends on the size and type of hospital. If it is technology intense hospital, it is very much important to understand so as to bring in the designs in line with those. For a decent size hospital with all the dependents taken away, we may need an average 3 months to complete such assignment.