Biomedical Equipment

Biomedical Equipment cost accounts to II major cost head in the total cost of project. Equipments have high depreciation rates and have many dependents while offering services to patients. It is hence necessary to choose the right kind of equipments with good service back up for un-interrupted patient care.

Selecting equipments also depends on the number of patients prescribed for tests. Each & every equipment has more than 1 variant, designed to take low and high patient volume with remarkable price difference.  We help promoters to choose the best fit for their hospital.

Regular maintenance, audit and training on usage of bio medical equipments become part of operational activity in any hospitals.

Below are the list of Services

Equipment Planning  

It is an important activity to identify the type of equipments for the planned facility. As a hospital consultant, one must check on the number of tests done on each day (productivity) to shortlist the type of equipment needed, without compromising on the quality of test. There are variants of equipment which only differs in the turnaround time (TAT) for each test. Read more…

 Procurement Assistance

Procurement is an exercise to call for the right vendor after defining the specifications for all the shortlisted equipments. The specification is done based on the inputs from the consultants / administrator’s report on the equipment planning. Read more…

Installation & Supervision Services 

Once the vendor is shortlisted and awarded the contract, the process of delivery, installation and commissioning of the equipments must happen in the said time duration. Planning should be meticulously done so that it should not disturb the launch program of the hospital. Read more…

 Equipment Audit

Healthcare organizations to keep up the competitive spirits, invest a lot into the sophisticated technology to offer quality patient care. With the advancements in the technology, hospitals may have to take decision on whether to invest into new equipments and sell of the old or not. Read more…