Business Plan

Business Strategic Planning Management consulting and implementation services for both Greenfield and Brownfield hospital projects

Hospital Business strategic planning

Business Plan

Business Plan is a report in-line with DPR but lack justifications in the form of Market survey. Here, promoters bring in their experience in deriving the assumptions and based on this, the strategic financial feasibility is worked out.

This is for those promoters who have experience of running a business. And also wish to only understand the financial viability of the business to decide on venturing into hospital strategic planning project.

Both these reports – DPR and Business Plan are very much necessary if the promoters are looking for funds. It can be a bankable report or specific to investors, or a combination of both. The report includes parameters in line with what the bankers expect to be.

Are you confident on your business?

A busy small-scale hospital may feel that the infrastructure is not sufficient to cater the needs of growing patients numbers. The promoters of the hospital may just decide to add some beds or facilities.

In such cases, one may not indulge in doing a market survey. As they are already in business, they just need to prepare a Business strategic planning that includes an introductory note and rationale to add the infra. This will be substantiated by financial feasibility to showcase that the expansion phase is still financially viable. It is the miniature version of Detail Project Report.


I am doing pretty good with my clinic. Planning to come up with a small day care facility.

If you feel that there are enough patients who needs day care admissions at your facility, then you can just work on the Business Plan. If you feel that there is a dire necessary for day care observations in the place where you practice, you can venture into the project just with Business Plan. You just need to understand whether the facility is financially feasible to venture or not.

None of the hospital has dialysis services in the range of 5 KM radius. I will invest into this.

Since you are well aware of the ground reality, some of the decisions can be taken without hesitations. If you feel that by bringing in dialysis services, many patients in your locality will be benefited, you can just venture into this. You will be knowing the number of patients needing such services, you just have to work on the business plan to check whether the project is financially viable or not.

I want to extend services to patients in their home. I am sure that they will appreciate this.

One good example is that the hospital extending its services to patients at their home. It is already proved that the cost of treating a patient at their home is cheaper than in the hospital. Such services can be initiated without a market survey, as you will be knowing the market by interacting with your own patients. You just need to justify that the project has good returns. This can be achieved with a business plan.