Hospital Commissioning Assistance

Building Commissioning & Start Up Assistance and implementation services for both Greenfield and Brownfield hospital projects

Hospital Building Commissioning & Start Up Assistance Services

Commissioning assistance

Commissioning assistance is an intense exercise just before opening the new hospital. The hospital should welcome both the new employees and the patients to follow the process defined by the management and defining such processes are the main activities done during Hospital Building Commissioning & Start Up Assistance Services.

The end results are the organization manuals, process documents and defining the job descriptions for all the prospective employees. All these activities are oriented to build a culture in line with the promoters’ vision.

Our consultants will also handhold the hospital for orienting the key people at the managerial position on the documents and processes. We also help define the KPI for their subordinates.

Activities involved in Hospital Commissioning

The first step to kick start this activity is to discuss in length with the hospital promoters. As consultants, we need to understand their way of managing the hospital. We support by guiding them to think in line with best practice.

We then formulate the Standard Operating Procedures for all the process involved in the hospital operations. Adding to this, we also help the Hospital to define forms and formats needed for documenting patient care including administration formalities. It also includes drafting the organization manual and the HR manual.

The most important activity after documentation is training the staff or inducting them on how to effectively use these. It starts with the key management resources and they in turn train their subordinates.


How much time I as the promoter of the Hospital should give to this assignment?

The outcome of this assignment is to make system ready to service the patients and also bring in culture to the organization. We as consultants will help only in formalizing your thoughts and draft them and document it. The hospital functions in a way how you wanted to function.

This is an intense exercise ranging from 4 to 10 months depending on the size & type of the hospital. It may even extend as a retainers association to offer consulting at regular interval. We may need an overall 30 to 40% of your time in this period. You will be spending time to discuss with us and to proof read the documents that are drafted from our end. Ultimately, you will be the person to signoff all these documents.

When is the right time to hire the key resources?

Ideally, the key resources like departmental heads need to be hired at least 2 months in advance in smaller hopsitals and around 3 months for bigger hospitals. By that time the SOPs against all these key departments will be complete. Understanding the SOPs will orient them about the overall hospital operations.

In smaller hospitals, these key resources will be multi-tasking whereas in bigger hospitals, there will be dedicated resources to manage each departments.

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Does this help in Accreditation process?

Most of the process defined will be in line with accreditation process. Eg NABH, NABL. These SOPs drafted for hospital operation may not be just sufficient to apply for, but will definitely become part of the documentation for NABH or NABL accreditation.

Accreditation is a seperate and extensive activity. To get an NABH certification, a hospital has to be in compliance with the standards defined and the minimum time needed to get prepared will be around 9 months.