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Our team with the experience of managing contents for healthcare discipline offers content-related services. The services can be offline – publication and training documentation for doctors and healthcare organizations. The online services include generating contents for websites and promotional contents for online articles.

We take care of the originality of the contents, copyrights, and grammar of the drafted articles. We do not take the authorship, instead support the author to fulfill the norms of online contents or journal articles.



Below are the list of Services

Publication Services

We offer services in the area journal article support services, wherein we assist doctors to document, comprehend, present the article in line with the journal standard. We also help authors in data analysis, plagiarism check, grammar, and check for the sanity of the article. Read more…

Training Documentation

Apart from helping the organization in setting up the team for training the in-house employees, Macula has mastered in documenting for Quality Accreditation related training programs, curriculum development, setting up frameworks for short-term program, workshops and certification programs. Read more…

Website Content Development

Comprehending & defining the services of the business based on the type of visitors is key for websites contents. The message to be simple, easy to understand and without or without medical terminologies. As part of developing and designing the CMS based websites, we also take up developing the contents across all pages for the healthcare websites only. Read more…

Blog Articles

Blogging is a ‘best practice’ to attract traffic to the website. Blogs are articles with wordcount ranging from 250 to 500 words. These are specific to the service offered and are educative in nature. The objective of this practice is to attract right traffic to the site and hence to generate leads. Read more…