Design Validation Services

Architectural Medical Design Validation & Verification Plan Services and implementation services for both Greenfield and Brownfield hospital projects

Inputs on existing designs

Service Highlights

  • Medical Facility Planner’s Inputs
  • Hospital Consultants’ Inputs
  • Design Amendments
  • Reporting
Hospital Architectural Medical Design Validation & Verification Plan Services

Design Validation

Some hospital promoters work with architects and freeze on hospital architectural medical design validation & verification plan services. It is better to take an opinion/clearance from hospital consultants like us on the functional and space program before venturing into civil works.

We as consultants opine considering various factors, and main being getting licenses/approvals from the authorized government body. If the designs are not in compliance with the norms, one has to make it compliant and then start civil works.

Based on the size and type of hospital, we bring in our observation on the drawings. We will also advise what all to be reconsidered while redesigning the plan.

Importance of taking second opinion

It is always better as the Hospital architects brings in lot of value into the overall designs. When the relook, they evaluate the structural & functional designs including MEPs

Considering the various standards related to Hospitals, we as hospital consultants jointly with our hospital architects advise the promoters what are the critical points to look around before finalizing the drawings.

The out-come of this assignment will be in the form of our observations with its details on how to go about. We advise on what all necessary steps to be taken to mitigate these most common challenges.


Does accreditation standards mandate the architectural designs to be in line with it?

Standards only emphasise on best practice in terms of patient & stakeholders safety. Some of the designs needs to be in line with the standards but most of them should take care of the users safety practice. Hospiatals being a multi-disciplinary and dynamic organization, there should be safe working environment. When it comes to the patient, the design should help even to evacuate severly compromised patient at any given condition.

Functional flow audit, within the architectural designs. Who does this?

Our hospital consultants plays a key role in this sector. Understanding the patient and doctor mobility, we try to map that in the designs. Our objective is to figure out the least distance to offer the service effectively. There may be some exclusions for this, but we tackle them seperately.

We also look into the space program to suit the functional flow. We check for the effective utilization of the space especially in medical equipment departments to give enough room for optimal utilization.

Who will study the designs at micro level?

Once the functional & space program observations are made by our hospital consultants, they in turn discuss with the architects. Architects considering all these inputs will work at micro level including safe and healthy working environment. They bring our all their observations in the form of detailed report that helps the client to take appropriate measures.