Dipstick Project Report

Detail Project Report (DPR) in hospital Industry and implementation services for both Greenfield and Brownfield hospital projects

DPR-detailed project report in hospital industry

Detail Project Report

Detail Project Report (DPR) is comprehensive report to understand the business potential of a project, justified by the market study. It is the combination of Market survey and financial feasibility report. Promoters can visualize the blue print of the project and virtually operate the hospital to check the potential challenges. It gives a level of confidence to venture into the business or alerts them on what all to relook before actually venturing into the detailed project report (DPR) in hospital industry project.

It is a must for doctors or promoters venturing into business for the first time. The report gives them a detailed understanding on the project and guides them to take calculated risk. It also elaborates on the worst case scenario and hence the ability of the project to withstand the sustainability.

Project report for Bank

Some of the financial indicators like DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) and the sensitivity analysis are the key for bankers to decide on funding the project.

At Macula Healthcare, we take into account the market requirement, ability of the promoters to bring in revenue. If the bank indicators are not in line with the bankers expectations, we help strategise to bring it within the acceptable norms.

We also advise on strategies to bring the additional revenue to make the project acceptable by banks. We in turn discuss and convince the bankers with logical reasoning and evidence to support the strategies.


Does bank need DPR to fund the project?

Anybody who wish to invest into the project needs to understand the business. They wish to see the Market Survey and the Financial feasibility report, especially for the Greenfield hospital project. Bankers look for DSCR, Sensitivity and Loan repayment period, whereas the Investors look for Return on Investment and exit clause.

I am running a hospital, I need funds to expand our services?

You need Growth fund and you need to work on the Business Plan. Market survey may not be necessary, but some investors may ask for it especially for the services you are going to add.

The financials to include actual business Vs projected business. You will have a negotiation power as you would show the business at actual and then projected revenue and expenses. The chances of getting funds – loan or investments are high due to the fact that the running business is profitable. You only wish to expand if your financial health of the hospital is good.

My CA says, I should go in for long repayment period, will bank allow me to repay beyond 10 years?