Functional Program

Management consulting and implementation services for both Greenfield and Brownfield hospital projects

Hospital facilities and process based planning

Service Highlights

  • Facility Planning
  • Patient Flow Planning
  • Capacity Utilisation
  • Architectural Briefing

Architects depend on the client to give inputs on the functional program. This is because it the client who is going to use the facility and architects only help in designing the facility. When it comes to hospital, various factors have to be considered while defining the functions. Even if the clients are doctors, it is very difficult to give inputs to architects, as their core domain is into clinical specialization. It may be possible to give inputs only if the doctor is exposed to Hospital administration services and with an capability towards hospital buildings advanced knowledge.

Our hospital consultants have huge knowledge on the total functioning of the hospital. We sit with the clients and define the functions. Once the functions are finalized, we then sit with the architects and debrief them.

Our another inputs will be in keeping with the standards of NABH or JCI and hence makes it easier when hospital goes for such accreditations

Importance of the domain consultants in functional program are following

Firstly While designing a department, it is very much necessary to involve the doctors to design the facility. An experienced doctor from the respective facility will add lot of value in designing an effective hospital.

Secondly An architect will not have these domain knowledge to work both independent and plan. He needs the inputs from the domain specialists or a hospital consultant who interact and get the designs validated by the domain specialists.

Finally Functional program forms the basis for both the space program and for any hospital, it is very important to optimize the space effectively. Functional program has to match the multi-disciplinary resources requirements to deliver effective services.


What should be kept in mind while designing the functional program?

One has to keep in mind that the healthcare providers and receivers to move around the shortest distance and in least time to offer and receive the services. This is the basic criteria to be kept in mind while planning for functional program

Role of clinicians in functional program

Ideally, we need to take the inputs from the treating clinicians in defining the functions. The functional program basically depends on the type of specialty and the treatment involved.

Once the knowledge is transferred, Hospital consultants will work on to derive the best possible functional flow. These are the flow plan suiting to the departmental services. Once we get a green signal from the clinicians, the flow will be freeze to take up the next level.

Are there any dependents to freeze the program?

The functional program will be done based on the inputs of the clinicians. We will not be knowing the floor space area and associated limitations. Once the program is froze, the same will be used to design the space program. With the first cut document, both the team will sit across and do micro-level planning.

One the space program is drafted, it has to be cross-checked with the clinicians to check for any gaps. If there are any observations, it has to be considered and necessary changes will be incorporated & finalized.