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Patient care service models apart from Hospitals are the growing business opportunities. Many players are tapping this unexplored area to optimize their resource and maximize the margins. Healthcare consulting includes advisory services in this sector ranging from project planning to operational efficiency.

These models basic objectives are to offer care outside hospitals including support services for healthcare delivery. Such business may or may not be using technology to optimize the services.

Macula Healthcare, with its expertise both in operations and healthcare IT, offers complete and comprehensive services. We help the promoters in designing the business models for their concept and our experience will add value in streamlining their services.

  • Business Partnerships
  • Public Private Partnership
  • Techno-viability Study

Below are the list of Services

Business Partnerships

Competitive business drives you crazy, and most of the time the firm can be the victim of competition and fail to thrive. The people behind the organization must think innovatively and rise from the loss-making organization towards sustainability and then towards profitability. Read more…

Public-Private Partnership Planning

Healthcare providers are figuring out to work in close coordination with state or central government in offering healthcare services. The private firms’ partners with the public (government) to render those services that are challenging to execute by Government alone. Read more…

Techno Viability Studies

A study exclusively for a technology-based project to understand whether it is financially feasible or not. Promoters before venturing into such projects need to thoroughly study the project, research on the problem, evaluate their solution to know its intent and to check whether it really solves the problems identified. Read more…