Hospital Consultancy

Hospitals are broadly categorized into Greenfield projects and Brownfield projects. Greenfield is basically the new hospital and Brownfield, the existing hospital. Both types of hospitals face unique challenges needing timely intervention to achieve maximum returns.

Greenfield projects need services to help the promoters to take the right decision and also design the hospital in line with their concepts. They may also need assistance in setting the systems right when the hospital is operational.

Brownfield projects possess different set of challenges. These may be due to hospital under performances or over. In the earlier, they need assistance in making the project sustainable and then profitable, wherein the later, they need assistance in optimizing their resources and time. IT will play a key role in optimizing the services.

Hospital planning, designing/redesigning, functional program, structural designs including architectural designs forms part of infrastructural services.

Macula offers one stop solution for both Greenfield and Brownfield projects. For more details visit the respective service pages

Greenfield Projects

(New Hospitals)

Brownfield Projects

(Existing Hospitals)