Healthcare IT Services

Management consulting and implementation services for both Greenfield and Brownfield hospital projects

Advisory Services

Helping clients to chose the best solution

Customisation Service

Helping clients to chose the technology

Hospital Information Services

Hospital is a multi-disciplinary system and may need technology to help its smooth functioning. HIS is definitely a must in an over-crowded busy hospital to optimize the resources.

Our consultants will understand the exiting process in your hospital or define the best-practiced process in a new hospital, and then offer consulting services on Hospital Information System.

Our consultants are doctors, with good acumen on Healthcare IT bridges the gap between the promoters and the IT professionals. We translate the clients’ requirements into technical language and add value in terms of usability.

We also help the organization in training the resources on using the software and take up as an annual contract for continual training and HIS management.

  • Discovery & Planning
  • Design & Implementation
  • Audit & Enhancement
  • Customised IT Solutions

Below are the list of Services

Discovery & Planning  

We’ll look at your business strategy, processes, and portfolio to determine which proven and emerging technologies will work best to boost productivity and quality, meet evolving business requirements, and ensure optimum use of your data to achieve successful outcomes. Read more…

 Design & Implementation

Once a decision is taken on what IT Solutions you need to optimize productivity and business growth, you can depend on us to facilitate planning and execution of a well-structured implementation approach to reach the final goal of live operations. Read more…

Audit & Enhancement 

What is your operating efficiency? What is your capacity for growth? Is your IT system adoption measures up to standard? We’ll evaluate your current IT environment and make recommendations for scaling up and optimizing utilization. Read more…

 Customized IT Solution Development

Having chosen commercially off the shelf products and solutions do not always address all your current and future IT requirements. There are several areas of automation that are better addressed by having customized IT solutions developed for your organization that complement your existing IT portfolio. Read more…