Human Resource Planning

Human Resource Management Planning, consulting and implementation services for both Greenfield and Brownfield hospital projects

Human Resource Management Planning and consulting

Human resource expenses form the major cost head in the overall monthly operational expenses. Meticulous planning of HR will save on cost and hence it is a key activity in the commissioning activity.

Resource intense departments like ICUs, Casualty and HDUs needs proper human resource management planning and consulting to be cost effective. It is in turn dependent on the overall facility utilization as per the assumptions made in BP or DPR.

Our consultants scrutinize the DPR or BP on the bed occupancy and then plan HR to cater the patients. We also define the Job Description to multi task during the initial period in the view to optimize the resource utilization.

Human Resource Manual

A manual that summarize the whole organization, specific to the people and their management.

It starts with the Organogram of the organization and then at the department levels. It summarizes the overall functions of the department including the roles and responsibilities of each and every resource in the system.

The hierarchy at department level creates the accountability matrix contributing to the smooth functioning of the hospital.

Macula consultants sit across with the promoters to understand their vision and the culture they want to bring into the organization. This forms the basis for the policy documents supported by relavent forms and formats.


Does Macula executes this on its own?

Our consultants will define the high level documents and then engage the key resources of all the departments and engages them in the process of execution. This is especially for the Greenfield hospital project, wherein they hire these key resources at least 2 months before commissioning. We then help them in defining the system, monitor and train them appropriately.

Who are the stakeholders for this activity?

Hospital promoters are the key stakeholder and Macula will only help them execute their visionary culture into the organization. People working in the hospitals are also the stakeholders and Macula tries to transfer the best practices in line with promoters visionary culture to their employees. Macula engages and monitors the continual training activities and also train the trainer for continual growth.

Is this activity a key for success?

Like any other industry, the attrition rate is high amongst the nurses and para-medics. Resource cost is the major expenses of the total expenses and the time spent on to optimize the resource is huge. Any hospital without standard HR manual will spend a lot of time training and retaining the resources and are not accountable and hence difficult to evaluate the loss. It is hence worth having a small multi-tasking team to take care of this.