Management Consultancy


Management consultancy service includes various advisory services in the area of project conceptualization, viability – financially and technologically. Our healthcare consultants brings in value throughr their vast experience both in private and public systems. Call it a hospital or projects beyond hospitals, we offer turnkey services for successful implementation

Services in this sector are broadly categorised into Hospital and Healthcare consulting. All projects apart from Hospitals are categorised under healthcare and it includes innovative healthcare delivery mechanism with or without IT consulting.


Management Consultancy service for greenfield & brownfield hospital projects

Hospital Consultancy

Turnkey Consulting for Hospitals

Hospital Management Consultancy includes services for Hospital and its allied departments. The services can be for a Greenfield Hospital or for a Brownfield.

Greenfield projects are new projects and can be in the planning phase, ideation phase or at any phase before the hospital starts offering its services to the public. The most common type of services required are project conceptualization, business plan, designs, project funding etc.

Brownfield projects are existing hospitals with goor years of operational experience. Some of the most common challenenges includes business sustainability, operational inefficiencies, cost cutting etc.

Management Consultancy Service for IT based healthcare projects

Healthcare Consultancy

Strategic Management & Business Plan

Healthcare Management Consultancy includes services for project beytond hospitals. It can be a out reach patient service like home care service, lab, home delivery of medicine as project, patient facilitation services, Public private partnerships, school health, industrial health services etc.

Keeping the scalability as the ‘mantra’, the promoters explore opportunities in healthcare to extend services outside hospital. IT being an enabler, we suggest to make best use of this towards scalability and for operational efficiency.

Our consultants with better understanding of healthcare opportunity and healthcare IT, helps the promoters in conceptualizing the project & brings in strategies towards successful venturing.