Management Retainership

Management consulting and implementation services for both Greenfield and Brownfield hospital projects

assisting in hospital operations

Service Highlights

  • Management Service
  • Operational Strategies
  • Financial Projections
  • Board Meeting

Retainer association is offered as short term operational support exercise to small and medium sized hospitals. New or busy hospitals, may some time take this service to streamline their operational challenges (Outsource Operations). Day to day operations and monitoring the hospital activities are key during the initial days of new hospitals as the promoters will be busy concentrating on their practices.

Macula defines this service of retainer association with the hospital for a defined period and employs a Hospital administrator / CEO to report directly to hospital Management and also report to Macula for effective operational assistance. The Hospital MIS is monitored closely to uplift the set up for a system driven organization.

Outsourcing Hospital Operations

The ideal hospitals that need to take up ‘Operational Retainership’ are a busy hospital lead by singe or group of doctors. By outsourcing this activity for a defined period, will help educate the management on overall Hospital Operations.

Once the agreed period is over, the hospital either can absorb the resource at the capacity of Administrator to manage the overall hospital operations.

The engagement will help the promoters to slowly acclamitize to the new job and understand the operational challenges. Macula will help build their capacity and also supports them to addres all the challenges faced during the initial period.


Does Macula deputes an Administrator for this exercise?

Yes, Macula identifies a suitable administrator and deputes them on site for day to day operations. Our hospital consultants coordinates with the administrator on a daily basis and operates the hospital smoothly. We then update on regular basis to the hospital promoters.

How often the team Macula discuss with the hospital promoters?

Ideally at least once in a week, but based on the promoters time availability a time-table can be defined. Each session needs at least minimum an hour to discuss holistically on the hospital overall functions. We also advise and define SOPs for the challenges faced during the association period.

What will be the association duration?

Ideally an experienced administrator needs min 3 months to understand, rectify and set the system right. If the hospital wishes to absorb the administrator, then 3 months association would be the right choice. If not, minimum contract will be for 6 month duration. In the process, we also handover the responsibilities and train the new Hospital administrator in the last month.