We partner for Online Strategies & help grow doctors organic patients base through our most promising best practice strategies. This is only for doctors and their services through their website.

Power of Medical Articles

Our Aim

Is to help doctors to attract patients organically. We make sure to follow the principles of Google algorithm to align our efforts so that it will recognise our work and give priority over other website.

We want to create a circle of trust amongst our network of doctors to uplift our online credentials. By this google will appreciate our effort to safeguard our own credentials and reach out to the public to offer what they are expecting.

Our aim is to make the doctors independent and teach them how to manage their website without coding. At the end of this program, you will get to understand the know-how and manage your site independently. 

Power of Medical Articles


A doctor having a clinic / hospital, with or without website can approach us on how we could implement this. We will be happy to explain our methodology after enroling to this program.

Power of Medical Articles

Rationale for this blog post

There are 1000s of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) agencies in the market and they will charge anywhere between Rs 30k to Rs 50k for this activity per month. Along with SEO, they will also do some Social Media Marketing. What they do not lack is the domain knowledge. It may so happen that they draft the contents and doctors spends lot of time correcting that before uploading on the site. 

As per our experience, drafting the contents from scratch will take less time against making corrections of the non-healthcare authored contents. So, this project is all about teaching the skill of SEO to doctors to promote their own website & work independently to safeguard their strategies. If your ideas are unique, then you will keep it to yourself. Agencies do offer same strategies to all their clients.

Power of Medical Articles

Search Engine Optimisation Explained

The video in the left hand side will explain what exactly is SEO. To summarise, it is an activity to streamline your contents in the site to be easily scanned by Google or any other search engines so that it could help reach maximum Google target visitors. 

If your website is full of contents but not aligned to Google’s algorithm, it is of no use.


Power of Medical Articles

The strength of content marketing

Medical contents are the most sought contents by general public to understand when they are sick. It is very important for general public to get the genuine information and its source matters.

The content strategies plays a crucial role and many healthcare providers are providing genuine information so that patients are not misguided. If the patients are convinced with the explanation, they will approach the respective doctor to seek further assistance.

This is the approach many healthcare service providers are following. It is very important to strategies our approach to get more patients visit the site.

We being in healthcare business, help you understand the logic behind these methods and train you to manage your websites by uploading regular and genuine contents. We work on to get the statistics as per Google algorithm and advise on what to stress upon to keep you updated on monthly basis.


How much time is expected by a doctor for this project

It is very important to spend some crucial time to understand and execute this program. If you are a busy doctor, then you can engage someone who is very close to you and whom you trust. This is because, you need to manage your own strategies to reach across to more patients.
  • You should have one person to work on this. Max – 20 hrs per month
  • You should be able to guide and supervise them.
  • We will guide you on best practice in Website contents and SEO
  • On average, we would be putting around 20 Hrs per month
  • Total Duration of the assignment – 1-month website, 6 months – advisory service and 5-month monitoring and tracking


Ultimate goal

Our objective is to get at least 500 organic visitors to your site by 9th month and ways to engage them. The ultimate aim is to seek your consultation and hence fulfilling the objective of this assignment. 

Our Partners

We thank these doctors who showed a keen interest and opted our service. 
Sl No Name Speciality Date Status Website Link Under OP 9M
1 Dr Sanjay Subbaiah ENT 10 June, 2019 Website Complete www.msentcentre.com Yes
2 Dr Pramod Home Care Service 12 June, 2019 Website Development Phase Not Published Yes
3 Dr Thungappa Eye Care Hospital 20 August, 2019 Website Complete www.manjunathanethralaya.com Yes
4 Dr Suresh Hanagavadi Hemophilia Care Centre 10 July, 2018 Website Complete www.carehemophilia.org No
5 Dr Vijay Shankar Karnataka IAPM 22 August, 2019 Website Rewamp www.kciapm.org No

What to see in the website

To make it simple for doctors to understand, when you visit these above websites, do not go by the look and feel. It is like the job of a plastic surgeon on how to make the face of the website beautiful. In all these projects, we are first concentrating on the functionality of the site. When the functions are well in control, we could request a User Interface technician (a plastic surgeon) to make the site beautiful.
As a service providers, we will give them progress report on how the site is doing when they successfully implement the strategies advised by us. You will in turn see the results when there is increases patient flow into your facility.