Organisation Assessment

Organization Assessment Process for under performing hospital

A process to investigate under performing hospitals

Financial Health

A key to project viability. It will be checked for any deviation from the norms.

Functional Health

Checking the overall function of the hospital in line with best practices

An attempt to make things right in a sick hospital

We assess and compare the hospital functions in line with the best practices. We suggest what to be done to make it viable.

Organisation culture

Factors influencing the functions of the hospital will be investigated, including organisation culture.

Patient Satisfaction

Checking the patients footfall trends to analyse the growth and dip. Corrolate with facts.

Financial health

Check for major expenses, revenue and the most critical part – inventory management

Doctors association

Relook into hospital & doctors association terms to attract more doctors and in turn patients.


What we do

What to know about Organisation Assessment!

<strong>01</strong> Is your hospital not doing good as expected?

Organization Assessment of Hospital is always a challenge. Some time the promoters face operational challenges affecting their revenue to the hospital of organization assessment. It is important for the promoters to introspect and relook into their business plan / DPR if they have done one, or to relook into their operations to find the gaps.

<strong>02</strong> How can Macula help sick hospitals?

Hospital consultants like us, systematically evaluate the hospital and run a diagnostic study of all the departments for its functions and resource utilization. The outcome will be in the form of report identifying the gaps and ways to mitigate them.

Hospital consultants also offer organization assessment process for healthcare & safety services to properly implement those concerns addressed in the report to overcome the challenges

<strong>03</strong> What is the rationale behind OA?

Organization Assessment is a process to relook into the hospital operations with a view to compare to that of industry strandards. There are standards towards cost of Human Resource, Cost of service and cost of overall patient care.

We as consultants evaluate these indicators and compare it to the standards prevailing in the industry. We analyse the extent of deviation and then advise the promoters to take necessary action.

Hospital introspects its functions and tries to cut down the pilfireges. It is a step towards project sustainability and then towards profitability.

<strong>04</strong> I feel my hospital is spending too much on Human Resource?

Human Resource expenses in the Hospital is one of the major cost head. If the hospital do not plan, then this can be a potential cost containment and directly adds to the project downfall. It is very important to plan the Human Resource to cater to the needs of patients. As consultants we advise you to derive optimal resource number needed to cater your hospital needs. This gives an insight and helps you decide on the remaining resources.

<strong>05</strong> Our actual ALOS is beyond our assumptions and it is affecting our revenue?

It is very important to make sure the ALOS fall in line with the industry norms. Your hospital consultants would have worked on this while conceptualizing the project. If it is increased, then the main reason may be your operational inefficiency. You need to relook into the administrative SOPs before looking into treatment SOPs. A mere decrease in ALOS by 20% can increase the patient turnover by around 20%. You need to seek the assistance of consultants to optimize the facilities.

<strong>06</strong> "Shorter the ALOS, more the patient number" and hence revenue to the hospital.

Longer ALOS does not mean the treatment is good. For most common cases, the ALOS are standard and the facility to keep up the duration for overall benefits for both patients and doctors. Whether it is financially good or bad, totally depends on the type and age of the hospital. For any patients, either surgical or medical, majority of the services are rendered in the inital 2-3 days. So, at attain maximum revenue, most of the hospitals want the ALOS to be shorter so that it can accomodate another patient and hence business. But it all depends on the type of treatment and its methodology. Ultimately, doctor should declare the patient FIT TO discharge.


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