Public Private Partnership

Management consulting and implementation services for both Greenfield and Brownfield hospital projects

collaborative working

Service Highlights

  • RFP Drafting
  • Proposal Writing
  • Tender Specification Drafting
  • Deriving cost of Service

Healthcare providers are figuring out to work in close coordination with state or central government in offering healthcare services. The private firms’ partners with public (government) to render those services that are challenging to execute by Government alone.

Government takes up the responsibilities of monitoring and funding, whereas the private takes up the responsibilities of successful implementation and rendering services.

A proper documentation is required with detailed working on the sustainability of the project. Government will also consider the beneficiaries and how this project will reach the end users. We at Macula healthcare will help the promoters in defining and drafting the service model to be presented to the government.

The process

You need to identify a project that will benefit the society in an acceptable way. The project only impresses the beurocrats, if it can bring intangible changes in the society and benefits in a larger perspective.

As part of the process, one has to research the problem statement and bring in addressable solution. Any projects that are within the limitations of national health program can get through easily as it may have funds allocated in the healthcare budget.

As consultants, we will help you draft the project report with an emphasis on its successful implementation and sustainability strategies.


Can a commercial project be proposed for PPP?

Government projects always works in the interest of general public whether it is a commercial or non-commercial. If your product / service are unique, then you can place a quote as per your company policy. If there are similar service providers in the market, then selection will be based on the quality of service and least quote.

I need your help in taking my project to the Government. Can you help me?

We limit ourselves to draft the report in compliance with Government’s criteria to select your project. We try to make the project sustainable and self-funding over the period of time. We will not liason with government to propose your project. 

What is RFP and how is it drafted?

Request for Proposal is a call for action initiated by an organization seeking companies to propose to offer the required services. It will be drafted in-house after a detailed understanding on the required services. 

In Government sector, the beurocrats involves in defining the requirements and sometimes takes the assistance of external consultants in drafting the RFPs. The company proposing should fulfill the requirements placed in the RFPs and propose accordingly.