Quality & Accreditation

Accreditation Quality reporting Improvement scores and implementation services for both Greenfield and Brownfield hospital projects

Hospital accreditation Quality reporting Improvement scores

Quality Accreditations

”Quality Hospitals Accreditation” is the buzzword off late in Indian healthcare system. Growing awareness amongst general public on the quality healthcare, is forcing many healthcare organizations to keep up the patients expectations, especially amongst private healthcare providers.

Health insurance companies are also mandating healthcare providers to emphasize on accreditation either national or international. Accreditation standards are being defined for varied healthcare service providers starting from a clinic extending up to hospitals. Quality standards are governing the best practices incorporated by the organization and monitors regularly for better outcome.

Our consultants are qualified to offer Hospital accreditation Quality reporting Improvement scores consulting services and equip the organization to face accreditation inspections independently. We also train the team on successfully implement, practice and drive the organization as per the standards.

Caring patients’ concerns by protecting hospital’s interests

 Adopting some level of standards is always better both for Hospitals and for Patients. Standards can be for clinical and also for administrative activities.

Clinical standards are best suited for Medical institutions and for big corporate hospitals to standardise the treatment protocol. This will cover the doctors as these are based on best practices. In case of any untoward incidents, the doctors are covered by the respective hospitals from lawsuits.

Administrative standards are set of SOPs defined & adopted by the hospital administration in line with the legal standards. These helps in smooth functioning of the hospital and minimises administrative challenges.

Accreditating body, as defined standards for all these and expects the hospital to be successfully adopting these.


I want my hospital to be NABH certified. How to go about?

In present days, many clinics, hospitals are going in for NABH to bring in some level of transparency & best practice. In the last 4-10 years, many hospitals has got the certification and now there are many trained coordinators in the market.

If you are planning to go in for this certification, you can either hire such professionals or approach Hospital consultants. Get an insight into the process involved in setting the systems for the accreditation and then take a call.

We want to go in for NAAC accreditation for our Medical College. Do you help in that?

NAAC clearly says that the organization should not hire consultants to help them get the status. But at Macula Healthcare, we can train the key resources and also train a to-be trainer who in-turn could train all the people involved in the process. We will design a short-term program to educate your employees on setting the systems for NAAC Certification. The whole process may take 8 to 12 months and it depends on how fast your employees grasp the concept and successfully implement.

Is there a goor return on our investment into this certification process?

With stringent policies, Government of India is cutting corners. It is identifying only NABH hospitals for their CHGS affiliation and in the years to come, it may impose some standards in the interest of the General public.

A hospital should not consider this as an investment, as the benefits of the system are not tangible and brings in lot of value the way hospital functions in the interest of patients and also the doctors including the hospital owners.