Space Programming

Functional Space Programming Facility Planning Data and implementation services for both Greenfield and Brownfield hospital projects

Area allocation

Service Highlights

  • Facilities Area
  • Circulatory Area
  • Waiting Area
  • Floor Planning
Functional hospital space programming & Facility Planning Data

Space programming is an activity to bring in all the facilities and services on white paper to see how best the space is utilized to accommodate the functional program. The whole objective is to give enough space for the healthcare providers to use equipments / facilities in providing best & comfortable patient care.

Hospital Space Facility Planning data is an exercise to know the activity of each and every patient care flow. It includes the number of patients, duration of their stay in the hospital, number of visitors, Facilities to cater etc. The program data depends on the type of hospitals and the available free space they have.

Our consultants will help you derive the minimum space program data for the kind of set up clients intend to have. It can be scaled up depending on the available space in the facility. All the data provided will be in compliance with the Quality standards – NABH or JCI.

What are the steps involved?

As an initial step, it is important to understand the area of each floor considering the FAR / FSI for the location. Our functional programmer and the architects work on the facilities to be brought at each floor.

Upon freezing the facilities, we derive the area needed for each and tabulate the same in a spread sheet. We then cross check the area derived from the space programming in line with the functional program.

This information forms the basis for architectural designs to take it to the next level.


Can this be done by architects alone?

It can be done, provided he is an hospital architect. One shoul dbe having experience of at least setting up min 3 big scale hospital. Some of the unique set up needs doctors inputs to understand the facilities needed and hence it is very much essential to take the opinion of the domain consultant.

Some of the standards needs strict implementation of the facilities as per the defined programs. If they are not taken care by the architects, then one needs to make changes to get certified by the accrediating body. In such case, there will be lot of civil reworks.

Are there any standards to define the hospital plan?

Especially if the hospital wanting to go for some kind of accreditations – NABH, JCI, then the design to be in line with Healthcare providers and receivers friendly environment. You are expected to take care of all these concerns while planning. These are all listed in the standards and to be taken care at the time of designs. 

If the designs are not in line with the standards, then at the time of accreditation, the hospital has to undergo morphological changes to accomodate. This will be a huge cost to the operational hospital and the process will disturb the functional hospital.

MCI has already given the space requirements. Does this activity to be done even then?

MCI has defined the space required for each of the facility. It does not define the functional program so as to accomodate the space. Also, the area earmarked and the designs are your plan and the area allocated for each of the blocks will be defined by you.

It is hence your architects work to make sure the facilities are planned as per the required space mentioned in the MCI documents. They still need the input on the functional program to design the space.