Statutory Requirements

Management consulting and implementation services for both Greenfield and Brownfield hospital projects

Promoters venturing into new healthcare projects need to know the related statutory regulations and the process to get the license. We as a consulting firm are happy to help you in educating on the required statutory permissions for your project.

Macula healthcare has designed a tool to manage the statutory requirements for any healthcare facility. We take up the responsibility of documentation, filling the form, maintaining the records and remind the organization for timely renewal.

What is applicable to your facility?

There are more than 30 statutory norms applicable to healthcare facility and also has regional norms based on the location of the facility.

Some of them gives you flexibility to apply, but some are mandatory without which you are not allowed to venture into the business. Delay in application may force you to pay fine and some with legal obligations.

It is hence very crucial to understand all the regulatory norms needed to establish a facility and abide by it to avoind legal implications.


Is there a deadline for all these norms?

As such there is no deadline for applying, but if you have set a deadline for your hospital project, then you need to work retrospectively so as to not delay your lauch due to delay in license process.

Do you take up the responsibility of getting the licenses?

Most of the hospital consultants will help documenting and advise you on how to apply. We do not take up the responsibility for obvious reasons. There may be flaws in the hospital designs which needs to be rectified before getting such licenses. Hence it is up to the promoters responsibility to get these licenses.

Will Macula liason with the concerned authority to get the licenses?

We took conscious decision not to liason this work because of its challenging nature of the job. The job role has no recognition and hence we at company level do not employ for this job role.