Business Strategies

Management consulting and implementation services for both Greenfield and Brownfield hospital projects

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Service Highlights

  • Market study
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Business innovation
  • Optimising the resources

Business association / innovativeness

Things may not go as expected

Business Plan or DPR, are all drafted based on the assumptions. Few doctors ventures into Hospital without BP or DPR. Some times, the assumptions on the strategies made may not be effective to generate the revenue as expected. If unchecked, the project may not be sustainable and go in for losses.

Macula with good experience in hospital administration and patient mobilizing strategies closely work with you to understand your operational strategies and patient engagement strategies.

Our consultants after studying the organization, brings our various strategies to overcome the operational strategies. Our report will guide you on the shortlisted strategies and ways to implement the same.


My hospital needs more patients footfalls. Can you help us in this activity?

We need to investigate into what went wrong as per the assumptions made when the project was initiated. We then analyse the business and then work on strategies to bring more patients to the facility. The strategies can be networking with doctors to reaching up to the public directly. Based on the nature of the facility, the couple of strategies will be listed. 

I am exploring opportunities to tie up with big brands in healthcare. Can you help us?

Big brands looks into many criteria while partnering. No doubt that your business will increase but with lot of compromises. We help you in placing your proposal in a way to bring in balance and with righful responsibility share. Also, if the company you wish to associate shows keeness, they will engage in doing a business plan and place terms. We will help you to take the decision after understanding their proposal.

Can you help us to associate with one Hospital for all the tertiary and quarternary referrals?

This would be definitely a good move as it builds your relationship with set of doctors in one particular hospital. You as a doctor need to look into many aspects before tieing up with one hospital. We stand by you to frame up the terms of association and also make the deck document ready to be presented to the associating hospital. We also make an initial contact and share the proposal.