Techno-Economic Viability

Management consulting and implementation services for both Greenfield and Brownfield hospital projects

Business viability study

Service Highlights

  • Understanding concept
  • Business Plan preparation
  • Investment Deck
  • Transaction Advisory Service

Study done exclusively for technology based project to understand whether it is financially feasible or not. Promoters before venturing into such projects need to thoroughly study the project, research on the problem, evaluate their solution to know its intent and to check whether it really solves the problems identified.

At Macula, we systematically analyze the case, explore the problem areas and evaluate the process in the technology. We then look into the details of technology as it is the fast-growing area wherein newer technology addresses many problems associated with the older. Once upon a time, client server applications were so common, that no one thought of web-based application. Such adoption saves lot of money and is easy to scale.

Our doctors and technology team, being exposed to healthcare domain and technology brings in value in terms of selecting the right technology for your project and make sure the technology is viable to venture into the project.

Projects for techno-viability

Healthcare projects enabled with mobile or web-application needs to be validated by the technology framework and the financial feasibility. 

The technical validation are done by our technical team with domain consultants who are doctors. They understand the framework and advise on the scalability and cost of development. 

Our financial consultants will validate on the feasibility of the project and also help you in projecting the business for the next 3-5 years, considering the project lifecycle.


We are a technical team, do we still need to validate from third party?

It is not a must to get validated from the third party like Macula. We are specialized in healthcare domain and if the project is into healthcare, it is always better to get an opinion from such consultants. With our experience of more than cumulative 40 years exclusively in healthcare technology, we bring in value additions holistically.

How important is to seek the opinion of Healthcare domain?

Healthcare is a multi-disciplinary domain, wherein many professionals work in coordination to render holistic services to the end users. It is humany impossible for non-healthcare professional to bring in value additions to the project, unless they have good experience in the industry.

Any professionals with a minimum of 10 years in the healthcare industry can bring in value into the discipline where they are exposed to. Whereas doctors with healthcare management can bring in value additions to any kind of healthcare projects.

We need funding for the healthcare IT project. Will Macula help in finding the right investor?

Once the techno-economic viability study is done, the project can be valuated to understand the business potential. With this a business plan will be drafted with an executive summary. We can help the promoters in sharing the executive summary to the potential investors and connect them to you.

Our associate company, can be a transactory advisory and represent on behalf of you to discuss with the potential investors. If the deal is closed, they even complete the formalities of defining the engagement terms and exit clauses as agreed upon.