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Terms & Conditions


The company Macula Healthcare Pvt Ltd, registered under the Companies Act 1956 owns the content of the website.

We recommend users to read through the Terms & Conditions, mentioned below on the general use of the contents in the Site. If you are using the website, means you are agreeing & accepting our Terms & Conditions. We, in the interest of providing quality services, from time to time we may change these Terms & Conditions and simultaneously we update the same on our portal. In case if you are not agreeing upon our Terms & Conditions, you should not be using the website www.maculahealthcare.com. We request you to please review this document often to keep updated on the amended or changed Terms & Conditions.


All our clients and customers, Faculty of Medical, Dental and Nursing School, Students studying MBBS or doing Internship or graduates or Post graduate students and promoters who wish to come up with healthcare business using our services, are allowed to use this website. Medical and Nursing students who are studying outside India, but wish to register can also use this website. Medical students from any part of the world can use this website to enhance their skills and knowledge. If we find that you do not hold these criteria, we can temporarily or permanently suspend our services for violating the terms of use.

Right to use

You will be using our website to understand the various services and products. You will also use our sub-domain created to promote the ongoing events. You will also use our website to access the knowledge forum wherein you will be able to get the details of the services.

Personal Identification

This is very much important when you seek services or when you want to make online payment. You are requested to share your details in the contact us page for us to know your requirements on any given services or products.

For registering, you will visit our event site and then share your personal details with us to make sure that you are the person who has paid for the service.

Our products, services & events

We have a range of products and services (which can be accessed on the website).

Consulting services

  • Hospital management consultancy services
  • Healthcare consultancy services
  • Architecture and design services
  • Project management consultancy services
  • Bio-Medical equipment consultancy services
  • Hospital information management services.


  • Simulators
  • Skill trainers
  • Healthcare IT products


The details of the package and the fee will be displayed in the respective event page. Candidates can initiate the process of registration from the package page.

Placing an order

Product & Services

You as a client would have been approached by our team to discuss on your requirements. Once you receive the proposal from us, you will either pay by cheque or through online.

While paying online, you are requested to mention the Invoice number and then make the online payment.

Once payment made, you will get a confirmation mail from the Payment Gateway and also from our side a customized email.

Registration for Events

This would be a predefined amount wherein the candidate willing to attend the event, will select the suitable package and pay accordingly.

Once payment is made, they will receive a confirmation mail and also a call from our side confirming the same.

Where necessary, vouchers can also be applied to avail discounts. By clicking the ‘proceed to payment’ button, the page will take you to payment gateway. Before placing an order, we recommend you to read through the ‘terms & condition’ at the time of making the payment.

The payment gateway is offered by CCAvenue, India’s trusted payment gateway. For security reasons, CCAvenue will ask for full name, contact number & complete address which will be stored at CCAvenue servers. Once the payment is made, you will get an email confirmation along with onscreen notification on successful or failed payment.

All the process of transaction will be in English only. It is obvious that if one subscribes the package, he is capable of understanding higher level English. During the course of payment through online, we do not intend to store your credit / debit / bank details. Hence we are not liable for any losses caused as a result of misuse of the information provided by you.

We also encourage making payment offline wherein you select to pay us through cheque / DD. They can be either be couriered or deposited at our bank across the country. We do not encourage cash deposit. The company activates the account upon realization of the payment. Please see the ‘guide to pay through cheque/DD’ for detailed understanding.

Error in pricing

We take highest precaution to not to have any errors while displaying the package details. If in case there is an error, we will try to communicate to you. If a candidate has initiated the process of payment, we will refund the balance and also communicate to you to explain.

External Links

Our website has many links and hyperlinks attached to our contents, keywords, images etc which may take you away from our portal. We provide these links to further assistance and guidance. Such contents will be displayed in accordance with the third party usage terms and the authenticity of the contents will remain with the content provider and not our website maculahealthcare.com or our company Macula Healthcare Pvt Ltd. As we do not hold any control over the contents, hence accept no responsibility on the reliability of the contents and hence any loss or damage that may arise from your use of those contents. While referring to the external links, the user has to read through their terms & conditions including privacy policies.

Your conduct

You are not supposed to use the site with the intention to cause any interruption, damage or impairment in any way. As per our terms of use, you are solely responsible for all electronic communications and contents sent from your computer to us. You have to use our website only for lawful purpose and you are not supposed to misuse our portal or post any offensive comments on the portal.

We do not encourage the user to be doing the following activities:

  • Fraudulent initiatives in connection with crime or other unlawful practices
  • To post illegal & offensive language in the comment section. The comments should not be abusive, indecent, harmful, defamatory, obscene or menacing.

Governing law

These ‘Terms and Conditions’ shall be governed and construed under the accordance with the laws of India.

Privacy Policy

You can use our services to gain knowledge, share knowledge and to communicate our consultants to discuss further before you seek our services.

When you share information, like registering your account with us we try to offer better services so that our system recognizes and identifies your behaviour in the process while offering our services. Since you will be using our services, we want things to be clear on how we will be using your information so that you could also protect your privacy.

Information – what & why we collect

We collect the details of the user to provide better services which improves the learning curve.

The kind of information which we collect includes

  • Personal details – at the time of registration
  • Service Details and your requirements
  • Our communication details either through email or phone
  • Cookies & Anonymous users

How we use

We use the information only to add value to our services while customizing their requirements.

We will use your comments and if found relevant, we may validate and then make it available to other users. In the process, each discussion can be a case study and we wish to research on the said assignment and draft a blog on the case study. These blogs are the knowledge materials and we will upload the same in our website for the users to understand various challenges in their healthcare business.

We intend to contact you if we feel any of our other services will be helpful for your business growth and also towards any opportunities which you may find interesting. Based on your interest areas, we would try to communicate as per your requirements.


The company Macula Healthcare Pvt Ltd is attempting to bring out the best practices in consulting. This Website and the information contained therein are confidential and remains the property of Macula healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

The information displayed on the website is provided without guarantees, conditions or warranties. You may notice occasional grammatical mistakes or typo mistakes, but we would do our best to minimize such errors. We empower users to give us feedback which will help us in improving our services.

Kindly notify the administrator for objectionable material or other issues pertaining to the content. The same shall be considered and addressed at the earliest.