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The on-site capacity building program is an area Macula has mastered into. Our healthcare training programs are designed for Hospital employees & doctors to master their skills in their respective area.

Macula’s hospital training programs are oriented towards hospital administration and operational programs. With the virtue of being in healthcare simulation products, we also offer capacity and skill development program for doctors and Postgraduate students to acquire skills through simulations.

Below are the list of Programs

Hospital Training Programs

Training forms an integral part of the organization developmental activity. Hospital being multi-disciplinary set-up with relatively high attrition ratio needs continuous training for resources to make sure they are optimally utilized. Read more…

HIS Induction Programs

We take up end to end responsibilities of training the resources, troubleshooting the technical challenges through outsourcing engagement. Our team will offer induction program to educate the users to use HIS. Read more…

NABH Training Program

As part of the NABH accreditation service, we train the staff on the NABH both for Pre-Entry and Full accreditation for any facility. We in collaboration with a third party company, have designed the online course on NABH including student management module. Read more…