Healthcare marketing is now a costly affair and now service providers are thinking beyond traditional way to build their hospital brand. The prime most important tool is the medical website to promote their hospital or clinic services.

Life as a doctor, the journey towards excel.

A doctor is eligible to practice once he graduates from Medical School. In India, 80% of them will practice privately and face initial challenges of acquiring patients. To simplify, one can phase it into

  1. Identity Crisis – Initial 0 to 5 years
  2. Reputation Management – Active period of 5 to 20 years
  3. Referral Period – 15 to 30 years

Why is it so important to have a Medical website?

This is very much important when you try to create your identity. The good thing is you will have enough time to work on your medical website. 

Having a personal medical website is a process to bring out your unique way to promote your service and hence slowly build reputation or your identity. The educated people will google and then checks your credentials and visits you.

Building a website is definitely a costly affair but in a long run, you do not have to depend on the service provider where they may have complete control on getting patients to you.

In this highly competitive world, many technology players has chosen healthcare as their business and in the pretext to offer marketing service, are slowly monopolising the industry. They are definitely adding to the cost of service, in a country like ours where people are hesitant to pay more for medical services.

Hospital marketing in the web can be achieved through good website. Then with online marketing and social media marketing, one can reach across the prospective patients easily. You will have complete control on the website.

Is it worth taking Third Party Services for booking an appointment or marketing services?

It is worth, while you try to build your identity. But in an appointment portal, it is very likely that patients opt the services of reputed doctors with good reviews. Since you are building your practice, you can keep your consultation fee relatively less to attract patients. Once they visit you, you should build the trust. The good thing is you will be relatively free and can spend more time chatting with the patient. So make best use of the appointment services.

If you believe that you are unique and you have confidence of impressing the patient, then we advise you to go for such Third Party Services for an year or so and slowly build your brand in terms of having a separate website and communicate the same to your patients. By this you can get maximum benefit from such service provider and slowly build your patient base. Then slowly concentrate on your unique strategies to attract patients without the help of service providers. The whole objective is to come out of the dependency from such service provider. If you depend on them the cost of the service will definitely shoot.

Once your reputation is built, you do not have to take up such services. Your return on investment will be more if you have in-house dedicated person to handle your website and to safeguard your patients data.


How much does it cost to build a website?

There are 100s of website templates that are available for free and if you want really an attractive one, it may cost you less than 100 USD. This is a one-time payment unless you do not change the design. To host the website, you may have to pay max 80 USD per year and for the domain around 15 USD per year.

 But you need to work on developing the contents, that is the message that need to be put on the website for your prospective patients to read. Check some of the good website and follow their structure. But never copy their contents, it is an offence and google may penalise you. Once you develop the contents, check for plagiarism and then grammar. Once done, ask your technical person to upload the contents.

What is SEO and how can you achieve this?

Search Engine Optimisation is a technique to index your contents as per the Google algorithm. It will help to rank your website in google when people search for specific keywords. It is a science, and when ready we at Macula Healthcare can train you how to work on SEO or help you connect to some service providers who can help you build the logic, operate and then transfer the knowledge of performing at your end.

We advise, website to be at least 3-4 months old to work on SEO. So you will have sufficient time to think on how to strategies


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How Macula Healthcare can help you?

If you are a doctor and wish to understand more on this initiative, we request you to email us with the subject – Website building assistance. We will then call you to discuss in detail to educate you on the advantages of having a site of your own. Since we are also group of doctors, we can even help you build the site for free to begin with. You will be purchasing the domain and a hosting services and we will build the website for almost free.

Once you start seeing the result, you can invest in facelifting the site or redesign keeping the functionality of the site. Building a website is not our business, but we try to help our fellow doctors so that they could build their reputation when they start their career.



If you have any queries, you can please write to us. We will reply you in person or if we think the question is important to many, then we will even write a blog on the topic and share it in here. Please write your concern to the email