Macula Services

Macula Hospital Consultancy Services

  • Management Consultancy Services
  • Architecture and Design Services
  • Project Management Consultancy Services
  • Bio medical Equipment consultancy Services
  • Hospital Information System
  • Commissioning Assistance

Macula Healthcare Consultancy Services

  • Healthcare Rural Projects
  • Healthcare e-commerce projects
  • Public Health Projects
  • Doctors’ networking
  • Healthcare IT projects
  • Healthcare Integrated Projects

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Entrancebook is an exclusive online portal to offer self study contents and experts input for candidates preparing for post-graduate medical entrance exam. The portal is an interactive application, with all the contents and solution, explanations substantiated by top notch academicians and reference books. It promotes evidence based study process and helps candidates to be abreast in advancing technology and scientific developments. The portal is highly scalable to include dental content, a module for practising doctors and other exams like PLAB in early subsequent phase.

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About Macula Healthcare

The team ‘Macula Healthcare’ is formed by domain experts in the field of Healthcare Management, Healthcare Finance and Healthcare Technology. With strong hold in the domain, the team brings in value through experience and knowledge and thus contributing in the field of ever growing sector.

Understanding the healthcare holistically, prompted us to visualize the services we could offer to our clients. It is the consistent and unconditional efforts of the people without losing hopes coined the term ‘Macula’ -a part of the retina in the eye with highest number of cone cells contributing to high resolution vision.

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Macula Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

# 448, First Floor, 9th Cross, JP Nagar II Phase, Bangalore.

Phone: +91 8880 222444