Hospital Operations efficiency through technology

Technology as an enabler, have to optimise the services in a hospital. We as consultants help you chose the right IT solutions for smooth functioning of your hospital. Whether it is a product or custom solution, we plan as a domain consultants to get you the right stuff.

Discovery Planning

We understand the requirements with the available process, systems and formats. We discuss with the end users to understand their functions and responsibilities. We match it with the standards and draft a document to evaluate the software.

Design Implementation

If MH was involved in selecting the right HIS, we can help you draft a well structured implementation plan to achieve the goal of live operations. It is all about effective software training in line with operational protocols. An element of operations will still be manual.

Custom Solution

We sit with you to to understand the concept of your healthcare business. We help you draft 'Business Requirement Specification' that in-turn help understand the business concept for the developers. We clarify their concerns in BRS document. 

Software Evaluation

Once the BRS is defined for hospital software, we evaluate the software for its fitment to a hospital. We understand the gap and analyse the resource needed to customise the solution. This gives an insight to estimate the cost of development.

Costing & Pricing Audit

Healthcare promoters need assistance in auditing the pricing shared for customisation or custom solution development. We sit with the engineers to define the scope and estimate the resources needed to work on this assignment.

A software, that adds to the cost of operations is not the right solution

Software is meant to optimise the resources so that it could substantially reduce the cost of service. If the solution adds to the cost, then its a wrong solution for your kind of business / service.