• Coming up with a new hospital?

    Get an end-to-end consulting services to take over complete control on your dream hospital project.
  • We help you to build your virtual hospital first...

    This gives you an opportunity to correct yourself so that in real, you will not expect bigger surprises.
  • People are key in running your dream hospital

    Make sure your hospital is system oriented, with a pinch of culture to safeguard the interest of all the stakeholders.

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Greenfield Services

Any project that needs to be started from the beginning. It may start with conceptualisation of the project through its complete journey

Advisory Services
Services that are limited to only advisory in nature. Consultants will draw the roadmap and entrust it to the client to implement
Brownfield Services

The project that are in the middle of operations that needs some level of advisory or implementation services are categorised under Brownfield

Implementation Services

Services that include both advisory and implementation. Consultants will take up an additional responsibilities through partners.

Management Consulting
Academics & Training
Eductech Products
Management Consulting

Management Consulting services within Hospital domain includes range of services starting from project conceptualisation to post commissioning hospital administration services.

In a nutshell, we take up end to end consulting advisory and implementation services.

Academics & Training

We have successfully developed contents for online courses for Healthcare Professionals in line with NABH standards. We can help hospitals to develop training related course materials and handhold training activities.

We are into the business of developing the contents & handhold the training needs.

Eductech Products

Our interest in Medical Education, compelled us to be in the space of Edu-tech products. We work closely with Medical Colleges & Hospitals, promoting such products & related services.

Our inclination towards Edu-tech, prompted us to be in the space of Medical Education in India.

Why chose Macula Healthcare?

Macula Healthcare has more than 25 committed consultants working in coordination with the executing team. Based on the type of project, our consultants are involved to provide comprehensive service. Our executive team will implement the required service.

  • Medical Facility Planning Consultants
  • Healthcare IT Consultants
  • Healthcare Finance Consultants
  • Hospital Operations Consultants
  • Hospital Architects
  • Biomedical Equipment Consultants
  • Healthcare Domain Consultants
  • Hospital HR Consultants
  • Online Marketing Consultants

Executive Team

The team of executive team will understand the client's requirements and structure the scope of services with the relevant consultants. Once the proposal is accepted, the team will execute as per the project plan involving the key consultants and the executing team.