About Us //

Why Us

Customised Approach

We understand that every hospital is unique. Our approach involves tailoring our services to fit the specific needs and goals of each hospital we work with

Thorough Assessment

We begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the hospital's current state, identifying areas of improvement and growth potential.

Strategic Roadmap

Based on the assessment, we create a strategic roadmap outlining step-by-step plans to achieve the hospital's desired outcomes.

Collaborative Planning

We work closely with hospital leadership to ensure that our plans align with their vision and goals, fostering a collaborative and transparent partnership.

Our journey

Company was incorporated in the year 2011 after the promoters gained experience in the field for over 8 - 10 years as clinicians, administrators and in public healthcare system.

During the initial few years, the company was able to cater to the needs of more than 40 clients who had come through referrals. It was in the year 2015, the company decided to be active over the internet and were able to attract new customers.

We have till date executed more than 75 projects and built a team of consultants who will be associating with Macula Healthcare projects at different capacities.  

The Company you can rely 

We value the relationship and extend our service to the client. We work to keep up to the expectations as agreed when we engage into a service.

Our Strength

Client-Centric Approach

We prioritize our clients' needs and goals, crafting strategies that align with their vision and enhance their operational efficiency

Process Standardisation

For existing hospitals, we specialize in streamlining operations, implementing best practices, and standardizing processes to enhance efficiency and patient care.

Measurable Results

We are committed to delivering measurable results. Our approach includes clear benchmarks and metrics to track progress and validate the impact of our interventions.

Long term Support

Our commitment doesn't end with the completion of a project. We provide ongoing support to ensure sustainable growth and continuous improvement

How do we plan our service?

Macula Healthcare, is a lean company having less than 5 employees. We have partnered with many consultants to work on project base. As the project are unique in nature most of the time, it best suits to hire the consultants on project basis. Macula Healthcare takes up the ownership of executing the project.

We go beyond borders

Based on the type and nature of the client requirements, we can extend our service across India and beyond. We have successfully executed 3 projects in African Countries.

Seasoned Team

Yes, Macula Healthcare is blessed to have industry experts in their respective domain. They offer advisory service in their area of expertise. They bring in 2-4 decades of experience on the table and properly guide our clients.

We believe in proper communication

This would be the key in consulting business. We document and adhere to the terms defined and communicate on regular basis to update the status of the project. 

Founder Promoters

Dr (Major) Madhu J, MD & CEO

A dynamic professional renowned for expertise in establishing streamlined processes that yield impactful outcomes. With a significant track record of achieving results in healthcare management, Dr. Madhu is dedicated to delivering operational excellence and transformative success.

Dr Jithendra Kumar KH, Director

An accomplished leader with a proven track record in process optimization and strategic implementation. Adept at turning vision into reality, Dr. Jithendra brings extensive experience in driving tangible results within complex healthcare environments.

Our Panel of Advisors & Consultants

Mr Narendra Karkera, Hospital Finance

More than 35 years of experience in Corporate and Trust based hospital at a various top management position. He brings in his expertise towards financial modelling and innovative thinking.

Dr Kumar S, Medical Education

More than 35 years of experience in Medical Education industry service at various capacities starting from the Principal of a medical college to the chancellor at a medical university. He is instrumental in advising us on the healthcare academics.

Mr Mathew Verghese Medical Facility Planner

Brings in his 25 years of experience as a Medical Facility Planner. With a strong knowledge of the Medical Facility, he is instrumental in advising the Architect while they plan the Hospital.

Dr (Col) Varadarajulu, Neuro Physician

More than 25 years of experience in Indian Army, Col Varadarajulu, climbed up the ladder from being a Medical Officer to Prof of Neurology at various Military Hospitals across India. Over the last 17 years, he is working at various corporate hospitals and a medical college hospitals at clinical capacity. His areas of expertise are in the field of Healthcare projects (planning and operational assistance, across green and brown field establishments), Academics, and Research. Being a Leader and team person, his vast network both at the National and International levels will only ensure the successful implementation of planned healthcare projects

Mr Sadashiva Bhat, Biomedical Engineer

A successful bio-medical engineer owning a biomedical company brings in his expertise to help and guide hospitals in making the right decision when it comes to procuring Biomedical Equipment. He ties all the loose ends associated with procuring equipment.

Dr Sultana Faruqh, Lab Quality Consultant

An academician mastered her skills in clinical laboratory services. With more than 30 years of experience at various hospitals including a medical college hospital, Dr Sultana has mastered her knowledge in Quality initiates of clinical lab services. As a life member at the Quality Council of India, she participates in policy decisions on clinical lab services.