Setting the stage for Excellence

Prepare Your Hospital for a Flourishing Beginning

Get your new hospital up and running smoothly for the community. With our commissioning process taking 3 to 9 months (based on hospital size), we'll set up the essential systems and processes so you can start offering top-notch services.

Hospital Commissioning


Nurturing Vision through Comprehensive Documentation

Capturing the essence of your hospital's potential, we gather insights on location, community sentiments, competitor analysis, facility needs, and more. Inputs from healthcare professionals, administrators, and the public shape the roadmap for fulfilling requirements

Statutory Norms fulfilment

Ensuring Regulatory Adherence for your project

Meticulously aligning project costs, projected revenues, pricing strategies, HR planning, and financial projections, we ensure regulatory compliance and sustainable financial health. Our approach encompasses civil and biomedical expenses, interest rates, repayment analysis, and bankable reporting

HR Planning

Pioneering Hospital Workforce Preparation

Through a dynamic blend of market survey and financial feasibility analysis, we provide an immersive report that navigates the intricacies of hospital operations. This virtual environment prepares you to tackle challenges head-on, refining your hospital's performance before launch

Service Pricing

Methodical Approach to Pricing Excellence

Tailoring a structured methodology to your project, we engage adept consultants and resources to execute precise service pricing studies. This approach ensures optimal pricing strategies aligned with your unique hospital offering

Process Implementation

Bridging Efficiency and Industry Standards

Navigating the complexity of a significant project, meticulous employee cost planning and resource allocation drive operational savings. Our expertise ensures that employee-resource ratios align with industry benchmarks, fostering sustainable growth

Hospital Promotion

Paving the Way for Accreditation and Success

Crafting promotion strategies in accordance with accreditation standards, we lay the foundation for future quality control. Embracing these standards ensures compliance and aligns your healthcare facility with the services it proudly offers


Includes general understanding on the location, community perception, competitors survey, Primary & Secondary survey, requirement of facility & services in the location, cost of service, tariffs etc. Inputs from Doctors, Administrators & public on the requirements.

Statutory norms fulfilment

Includes deriving Cost of the project, projected revenue and expenses, Pricing, HR Planning and costing, Civil, Biomedical & furniture - medical & non-medical costing. Also, interest rates, repayment period, break-even analysis, term loan payment for Bankable reports.

HR Planning

Combination of Market Survey and Financial Feasibility study for a give hospital project. A comprehensive report that simulates the real Hospital functions and challenges in a virtual environment. An eye opener for a doctor to correct the challenges at this stage.

Service Pricing

This can be a standalone activity. A structured methodology will be defined based on the type of assignment. Based on the methodology, we will engage the consultants to conduct the study with the help of right kind of resources.

Process Implementation

A major activity, especially in a decent size project. Cost of employees will be the major part of monthly expenses. A meticulous planning is necessary to save substantially. Over and above, the resource to bed ratios to be matching the industry standards. 

Hospital Promotion

These to be defined properly so as to fulfil the requirements of accreditation standards. Eventually, in future these accreditation body will control the quality and hence the healthcare facility to be in compliance with services they offer.

It is all about preparing your hospital to receive the first patient.

The staff should be prepared in a way that they receive the first patient and document it in line with accreditation standard. The hospital to fulfil the protocols for the first patient to keep up the standard & culture of the hospital.