Giving life to your hospital through designs

Hospital Consultants play crucial role in sharing their experience on functional flow to the architectural designs. Best practices in line with standards will help avoid last minute design modifications to fulfil the compliance.

Functional Program

This is all about detailing your plan as per the hospital functions. This program becomes an interface between the space program and all the services that are offered in a hospital. It eventually increases the optimal use of space for the services needed.

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Space Program

Space program brings in efficiency in terms of designating facilities and equipment needed to render the services in most optimised way. This takes into consideration of the functional program to bring in less travel time for the executives to offer effective services

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Architectural Designs

Understanding both the functional & space program, we sit with our architect to help them understand the concept. Once the Architectural Briefing is done, they will be able to start working on the architectural designs. They will be needing inputs through out the process.

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Structural Designs

Based on the Architectural Designs & load bearing equipment inputs, the structural designers will plan to accommodate minor changes in the functional program. Once these designs are frozen, we will have limited scope for major changes in any of the designs.

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Design Validations

Clients share their designs to get an expert opinion. We sit with our internal team and advise you on what all changes to be made in compliance with the statutory norms. This is helpful especially for those architects who do not have Hospital Consultants to advise. 

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Infrastructure Audits

This is the activity done to evaluate the strength of the building. This will be done while adding a floor to the existing plan or if the client wish to buy an existing hospital. We have a team to execute this work and also advise accordingly.

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Ours is an aggregator platform, & hence our price are low

We take complete control on the quality of service and make sure the professionals associated with Macula Healthcare maintain quality while offering services to the end users. Our overheads are low and hence prices are very competitive.