Major capital cost goes towards Biomedical Equipments

Equipments come with productivity limitations. Many hospitals take a wrong decisions on purchasing a very high end equipment even though their patient foot-falls are less. This unnecessarily add to the cost of the project.

Equipment Planning

Listing the equipment based on the services is a must during planning phase. This adds to the cost of the project. Choosing the right kind of equipment is critical to control cost and a qualified and experience Biomedical engineer can help you in this assignment.

Procurement Assistance

This is all about inviting for tenders. If not, then we need to draft the specifications and based on that we need to plan for procurement. This involves series of activities that needs to be done to place order, payment, procurement and instalment. 

Installation & Supervision

Once the vendor is shortlisted and awarded the contract, the process of delivery, installation and commissioning of the equipments must happen in the said time in line with hospital commissioning. Training hospital resources is also part of the assignment.

Equipment Audit

Our in-depth knowledge in this arena prompts us to analyse the situation and helps the promoters to take informed decision. We help in valuation of the equipments in the context of merger & acquisition, JV partnerships, Rental & lease rate analysis.

Its a cost to the hospital, for wrong decisions in equipment purchase

A strong system should be in place in the purchase department as these takes away large chunk of expenses both at operational and capital cost. A right person can save a lot to the organisation.