• Patient Rights & Education

    Educating you to face the situations

    As a social responsibility, we Macula Healthcare are organising monthly sessions on topics that are of importance for any person seeking healthcare services in Hospitals across India.

FAQs on attending sessions

Why should I attend?

You never know when you are your family members face such situation. And when you need such information, we may not be in a position to educate you. So as a responsible person, and educated person, start sparing some time to understand such scenarios. We are expert in this and educate for free.

How does this help me?

What ever you understand from these sessions, you will be able to remember few things. In case of such emergencies, you will be able to take the decision that is right for your family member especially in medical emergency. 

Who to contact is such situations?

This is not a structured group as of now, for the reason we want this to be totally free*. With your help and participation, we can create a team of experts who can take time out to be available for such advisory services for people who need on priority. Just attend a session and you will come to know our plans.

How often the sessions organised?

We conduct one topic once in a month. Some may be in series eg Part 1, 2 etc. But most of them single sessions. However, the examples taken in each sessions may be different. But we plan in a way that by attending one, you will be able to understand the objectives of the session. However one can attend more than 1 session.

Patients Rights & Education by Macula Healthcare

We will share our experiences for the benefit of the society

Mind it - this initiative is to educate the public and strengthen the relationship between a patient and a doctor.

Dr (Major) Madhu J

NABH Consultant

Dr (Major) Guruprasad T

Hospital Administrator

Dr Adarsh Nadig

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Dr Jithendra Kumar

Management Consultant


Residents of apartments who has received a special requisition for onsite closed group discussion, can register here with all your details.

A minimum of 25 registrations are must for onsite discussions.

This is through invitation only and you need to fill this form only if you receive such notification from your Apartment Committee member.