Negative feedback and hospital reputation

07.07.22 03:53 PM Comment(s) By drjithendrakumar

“I recommend not to visit this hospital. They just suck money and the treatment is pathetic”

Hospital Reputation

Such negative reviews really makes the hospital buyer question the seller about the reputation of the hospital.

As part of our transaction advisory services, we come across many such scenarios when the buyer asks the seller about the online reviews. In the course of discussion, one question of the buyer challenged the reputation of the hospital. “Why so many people has given bad reviews about the hospital? Is this the reason why you want to sell the hospital?

”A small token of advise to all our fellow doctors especially a small hospital owners wherein you do not have a dedicated team to manage the hospital reputation online. You need to be cautious when you deal with your patients. Especially a first timer who has taken an appointment through an aggregator platform”

Booking through third party service providers.

Patients who has booked online through third party websites are mostly first timers. They do not have time to come to your clinic and wait to see you, and hence they book online and visit you. If you are late, then there are 50% chances they may give a negative feedback. Just because of this, your hospital reputation is brought down not because of your clinical calibre, but because the patient was not patient enough to wait for their turn.

Many such negative feedback on various third party sites has literally put our client down and questioned their ability to convince the buyer on the reputation. This is one such case and the same can be applicable to the practicing doctor. Their reputation will be at stake and google give ratings based on this. What we as consultants wish to advise is to initiate the dialogue with the reviewer and come to an understanding and request them to remove the negative feedback. This is the only way that you can have positive and good rating.

Rating is a double edge sword wherein one side, it helps the doctors to gain reputation whereas because of non-technical (clinical) issues, you end up getting negative reviews and questions your calibre of treating the patients which is no where connected.

The negative feedback may be really genuine or completely false. If it is genuine, then you need to take care of it and respond to the reviewer. You can convince him and request him to change the review / delete after promising that this will not repeat. If it is false, you can flag it inappropriate and contact google for the same. Some of the contents are not promoted by google and check this for detail. If the negative feedback falls in this, you can easily get rid of them to protect hospital’s interest.

Friends.. be careful and manage meticulously


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