Listing Hospital Vendors - Products and Services

01.02.24 02:14 PM Comment(s) By drjithendrakumar

Why do we need to do this?

As Hospital management consultants, we will be assisting the new hospital for their Commissioning Exercise. In the course, we need to be coordinating with all the vendors of Biomedical Equipment Companies, Consumables, Implants, Instruments that are needed for all the departments and facilities of the hospital.

To make it handy, we are in the process of compiling the vendors to fast-track the process of coordination. In the process, we even plan to come up with a website to be help hospitals to find its vendors, post their RFQs and for empanelling the vendors. Hence you are requested to please fill the form and also list the relevant products or services.

Please fill the below forms to list the products. We also want you to provide the company details so that we can come back to you for any enquiries

Company Listing


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